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Downata Hot Springs
25900 S Downata Rd
Downey, ID 83234
GPS: (42.390108, -112.088133)

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AARV Club Discount



  • 50% off regular rate
  • Rate is good for 2 days
  • Discount Rate only applies to campground Rates
  • Swimming, soaking and other facilities have an additional charge and these rates are not included in the discounted rate or campground rate
  • Discounted rate only applies Monday- Thursday with holidays excluded

Must present your All American RV
Parks membership card for discount

3 1/2 miles South of Downey, Idaho on Highway 91

  • 50 amp service available along with more 20/30 amp hookup sites
  • Swimming is not included in any of our rates
  • Overnight guests receive a discount off regular pool admission rates
  • Campground RV site rates only include the vehicle pulling the RV
  • All tents and extra vehicles have an additional charge and must register

The name Downata Hot Springs comes from the name itself meaning down at a hot springs. Many years ago Indians and pioneers enjoyed the miracle of nature and today many guests travel to the hot springs to enjoy the same healing and relaxing powers. Bret and Darlene Downs still currently manage resort operations. Each owner and manager has left a mark on Downata Hot Springs resort, making it a four-season resort for all of south-eastern Idaho and travelers from afar.

Downata Hot Springs has a lot of history beginning in 1907 when Alexander Marshall, his wife Diannah Bloxham Marshall, and their family moved to "The Springs" and since then the resort has been operated mostly as a family enterprise. Marshall had purchased the land and hot springs from Andrew Morrison, who had bought the homestead of Robert Miller. The Marshalls were the first to build a swimming pool, located south of todays pool, and featuring rock sides and a mud bottom. Two or three dressing rooms were built, and later 25 were added, along with a plank wall around the pool. Travel was difficult but many families came to swim for pleasure and the warm water was often used for baptism by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mrs. G.F. Dewey (Lottie Marshall) remembers that they were the only family among their acquaintances with a swimming pool in the back yard. Isaac Marshall, now of Robin, remembers hatching baby chickens by using the warmth of the hot water. Others remember putting a sack full of eggs into the spring and eating the cooked eggs.

Hot Springs Information: Hot Spring Temperature: 112 degrees 44.4 C Pool Temperature: Summer: 85 degrees to 99 degrees Winter: 95 degrees to 101 degrees *Cold Water added to cool water temperature and a cooling cannon that sprays pool water over pool. Hot Tub Temperature: 102 degrees to 106 degrees Hot Spring water also supplies the water slides, water playground and floor heating system. Pool, slides, hot tub and playground are chlorinated.

Downata Hot Springs is not owned or operated by All American RV Parks (AARVP). Downata Hot Springs is an All American RV Club park, offering this special discount to members of All American RV Parks. Downata Hot Springs makes and enforces their own rules and regulations. Your All American RV Parks membership card is required to gain entry.

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